Effects of Japan's Nuclear Radiation on China Travel

Are there any effects from Japan's nuclear fallout affecting China Travel?

According to a Central Weather Bureau (CWB) report, currently no nuclear radiation will travel from Japan due to a strong northeast monsoon. It will likely bring low temperatures and intermittent showers to Taiwan and the offshore islands today but there is no danger of nuclear radiation moving from Japan.

The CWB forecasts however that the wind direction might change on March 17. We will post an update regarding conditions of any radiation fallout then.

A State Oceanic Administration official has stated that the nuclear leakage in Japan caused by last week's 9.0-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami would not affect the East China Sea in the near future. The administration has been monitoring radiation in the East China Sea area since Japan's nuclear leakage.

The Japan Earthquake and how we can help

Our heart goes out to the people of Japan and will keep you in our prayers.

Here is a link to a Tokyo-based nonprofit NGO consultant with information on organizations that need our monetary support for their relief efforts: Help for Japan.