Are Packaged Candy and Treats Safe?

"Are packaged candy and treats safe to eat in China? We're going to avoid street food, but can we eat gum/candy/snacks that are packaged? "



Yes, packaged goods are fine. In terms of food safety in the streets, i.e. restaurants, stalls, small stands, etc. our general rule is to stick with establishments that are well-frequented and food is well-cooked, fresh and piping hot. Food at five-star hotel buffets that has been sitting there for a while could go bad, while street food with people lining up ready to take it as it comes out from the flames would be fine. So rather than "avoiding street food" just avoid food that looks doubtful and has been sitting there with no takers!

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How Much Yuan Should I Bring?

"How much Yuan should I bring for 10 days in Beijing, I will be traveling by train to nearby cities, such as Shanghai? I am traveling alone".

Temple Hills.

Clyde, if you have an ATM card, there is no need to bring lots of cash, you can withdraw money at the ATM's as you go, there are ATM machines at the train stations.

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Chinese New Year Traditions - Putting Away Knives!

"Is it permissible to prepare dinner on New years Day provided all the ingredients were pre cut the day before,so as not to use knives etc."

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Superstitions dictate that all food must be prepared ahead of time and all knives must be put away.

Using a knife during the first days of the New Year "cuts off" all the good luck for the coming year.

So yes, you can prepare dinner on New Year's Day when all your igredients have been pre-cut the day before!

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Feliz Año de la Cabra!