Beijing and Hong Kong in the Spring, Tibet with Children

We are traveling whit family kid's 9 and 10 in Beijing Feb 27 and Hong Kong March 07. Can you give us recommendations for hotels, restaurants, activities?

Is it possible to go to Tibet with kids?

from Canada

There is plenty to do in both Beijing and Hong Kong with kids. For our recommendations on things to see and do, check out these pages:

Things to do with kids in China

As far as hotels and restaurants, we cannot give specific recommendations since it will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Generally speaking, we like the Wang Fu Jing area in Beijing, as it is very pedestrian friendly, with lots of restaurants, food markets, shopping, etc. The kids like walking around the night markets and trying all sorts of new foods.

In Hong Kong, it's also a matter of preference whether you stay in the mainland or island areas, as transportation is easy, cheap, and accessible. We like the Tsim Sha Tsui area, for some, this might be too congested, but that's what Hong Kong is all about!

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Regarding Tibet with kids, specially your ages 9 and 10, it is possible, but there are some precautions you need to take, altitude sickness, food, are some. You can find more information here:

Tibet with Children

as well as some recommendations in some areas in Sichuan Province where you can also enjoy Tibetan culture, at much lower and less harsher conditions.

Enjoy your trip!

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